niedziela, 4 listopada 2012

Contemporary Magic

Today I want to present you, NECKLACE, whose execution took me a long time. I made it at the full moon of the lunar and using water containing power and energy of lunar.

... and I want to betray You step by step how I made it. I'm inspired by everything around me, ranging from cars through to the nature of everyday objects. The inspiration for this necklace were tube.

Then, step by step was whole. Thread done using small tubes of creams. The rest is hard work. This project is a continuous transformation and I repeatedly changed the original concept.

Finally I decided to ornaments made ​​without the use of a syringe and floral motifs. Ornaments are a reference to the technique of wire wrapped.

I do thread from small tubes of cream.

                                                     Contemporary necklace of fairies.

3 komentarze:

  1. Ependorfka wykorzystana w projekcie :))) neisamowite gdzie biologia może się znależć :D a praca przecudowna, magiczna, widac że szalenie pracochłonna ....masz talent - chyba już to pisałam :)

  2. :)Dominikana dziekuje z calego serca :)